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::Let's Appreciate our Faith::

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokaatuh.

salam ukhuwah.

kuatkanlah hati untuk meneruskan perjuangan ini. insyaAllah.

something to share:

How you handle failure determines your
levels of success and happiness in life.

If you are afraid to fail, afraid of what others
will think of you, or that your situation could
become worse, you will remain exactly
where you are.

And this is where the feeling of being in a
rut begins.

You probably know certain people who complain
about their lives -- their jobs, relationships,
family or possessions.
It's the same 'ol, same 'ol and even though they
don't like where they are and know things
could be better, they aren't willing to step up
and create change.

They'd rather remain miserable and in a rut
than risk trying something new.

If you are willing to accept the fact that failure is
a part of the landscape on the journey to success,
and take the journey anyway, you will achieve far
more than the common herd.

Successful business owners and high achievers
(athletes, writers, actors, teachers) have failed
many more times than those who remain average
because they were willing to move through and
learn from each failure.

If you were to study every successful human being
on the planet
(and you may define success in any way you choose),
you will uncover a history of obstacles they had to
overcome and failures they endured along the path
to that success.

With failure comes experience.
With experience comes wisdom, character
and strength.

You must know fail in order to recognize success.

Just like you needed to learn what hot was so
you could understand cold, or what up is so
you could understand down.

It's based on one of the 7 Natural Laws
of The Universe -- The Law of Polarity.

You need to experience fear in order to
appreciate faith.
You need to experience illness in order to
appreciate health.
You need to experience hate in order to
appreciate love.

The important thing to understand is that
although failure is a part of the process,
it does need to be managed.
To run blindly into any situation is careless
and creates far more failure than needs to exist.

This is where processes and structures and
support systems become invaluable --
where creating a "success"
environment reduces your failures and moves
you quicker and easier to where you want to be.

Failure must be a part of the process for it's in
these valleys you grow most - it's where you
become a stronger, more capable person.

And even if what you've worked so hard for is
taken away from you, you know how to get it
back faster and easier because you have
the necessary knowledge and experience.

The true measure of success is in who
you become.

If there is anything in your life you long for,
don't let the fear of failure stop you because
in the end when you look back on your life
with regret for the things you never did,
you will have realized the ultimate failure.

::p/s-just confident with what we have. Nobody can determines our own 'bussiness'. however, we've to appreciate others as the gift from Allah. sincerity's first...

anal faqiiru ilallah...

"bersama menyoroti Aqidah ASWJ"

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